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Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ
  ~ 1 Corinthians

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Additional Product

We will however have available vintage VHS tapes that were held by the government for the past seven years until they were returned after our inspiring win in Supreme Court.  You can obtain the following videos at premium prices until the supply is depleted.  When that inventory is exhausted, there are absolutely no more of this collection.  We look for a future re-make.  We will release the following videos with accompanying instructional booklets until they are gone (I am carving out new instructional booklets - when they are completed, I'll release the videos):
1.  Pit Protection.  This video teaches basic Schutzhund.  You can train your pit to heel, sit, down stay, come, etc. without needing a leash (called off-lead obedience).  The author believes that, like humans, a dog is more alert and enthusiastic (sharp) with a shorter learning curve when physically conditioned.  The lean athletic dog is sharper and learns quicker than the fat lazy dog.  With that motif, the video teaches some basic conditioning and nutritional modalities.  The protection aspect teaches total control of the pit (Schutzhund) including release on command. 
2.  The $100 Keep.  The title is historical memento.  It details how to shape a dog for the confirmation show ring with the lean striated muscle tone that emulates the human professional body builder. 

Each video is accompanied with a short instructional booklet.

The price is $35 per video (includes shipping and handling in U.S. and Canada).  Overseas add $22 for shipping and handling.  Add $5 to the total if you use Pay Pal to cover fees.

 3.  Breaking Sticks.  We will also release a very limited supply of breaking sticks the government returned.  The sticks are stamped (imprinted) Dogs of Velvet and Steel.  the sticks are hand-crafted hardwood with a nylon strap.  The sticks are sent green because there are a variety of ways to treat and preserve wood and individual preferences are noted in the instructional booklet.  The detailed booklet that accompanies the sticks contains instructions on a variety of ways to treat and preserve the sticks to maximize their length of useable time and durability.  The booklet also discusses and explains the proper use of the stick so that the dog is not harmed, for quick release and follow up.

The sticks are also priced at $35 each (includes shipping and handling in the U.S. and Canada).  Overseas add $22 for shipping and handling and again, add $5 to the total if Pay Pal is used, to cover fees.    

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