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Dogs of Velvet and Steel Productions
Bob Stevens, Owner, Author & Producer

Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ
~ 1 Corinthians 15:57


Ultimate Endurance

NEW Advanced Level Scientific Training and Conditioning for Peak Performance.
NEW IN FULL COLOR, this 22-page booklet contains more conditioning and training techniques and tips than any other source. Some you will find nowhere else. Packed concise and to the point it is loaded with how to forge ultimate endurance, explosive power, and reflexes. $15 with any book or DVD order or alone $25 U.S. $35 overseas includes shipping.


Spring Pole
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Pit Pro
Vol. 1

NEW – Now own the largest APBT book in the world, 716 pages, Pit Pro A Dogs of Velvet and Steel Compendium and UNPRECEDENTED the movie Pit Protection with informational booklet. A package never before available. The pictorial Compendium examines in depth, famous dog men and women and famous performance canine athletes, and the stories behind them, some first in print. The genre is a study of the principle attributes and attitudes that allowed these people to rise from ordinary folks to extraordinary performers. It also delves into the roots and hearts

of the astonishing APBT breed. The reader has much to LEARN in this book it is different from any other read.

PIT PRO (vol 1) $49 plus shipping.

** All books signed by Bob!


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Pit Protection
A New Frontier

This DVD movie with informational booklet enclosed, is unique in that it also contains scientific conditioning and sports nutrition on a very advanced level. You don’t have to be a Schutzhund practitioner to enjoy and LEARN viewing these dogs in action. As a special treat other canine athletics are shown, including weight pull competition, hunting dogs and agility training

Pit Protection - A New Frontier $39 plus shipping.

Purchase Pit Protection - A New Frontier

$39.00 + $10 (S&H)

Canada and overseas temporarily suspended pending remission of the pandemic virus.


Get Both and Save!

Pit Pro Book and Pit Protection Video Only $75 plus $15 USPS shipping U.S. Only.

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Pit Pro, DVD, Conditioning booklet – all three $100 ($105 Pay Pal), includes shipping US only.


$105 with Free Shipping (US Shipping Only)

Still Available!

Dogs of Velvet and Steel Revised Edition and Epilogue.

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Bob & Julie

Bob and Julie invested a great deal of care and thought to present you with the first APBT educational movie ever presented on an international scale. The title Pit Protection is the English translation of the Schutzhund sport and temperament test. It does not teach dogs to bite people. A Schutzhund dog is far more stable with people because their training requires them to be socialized and stable and not fearful around people, including loud gesturing people. They learn obedience without a leash, retrieving over hurdles by voice command and tracking. Man work is limited to grabbing a large hemp arm sleeve on command only and releasing on command. The dogs are fully aware it is a game/sport. Upon release the agitator can pat and play with the Schutzhund dog.