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Dogs of Velvet and Steel Productions
Bob Stevens, Owner, Author & Producer

Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ
~ 1 Corinthians 15:57


Dogs Of Velvet & Steel Revised Edition

Welcome to the official site of Bob Stevens' Dogs of Velvet and Steel Productions, celebrating a victory for the Pit Bull community and America's First Amendment Freedom of Speech.

Now own the largest APBT book in the world.  This gigantic book is 648 pages long.  The title, Dogs of Velvet and Steel Revised Edition, is two books in one.  It is the complete original DVS book unchanged PLUS Dogs of Velvet and Steel the Epilogue (184 page book) that brings the reader up to date since the original - includes dogs, dog stories, real dog men, pictorial, the trial, appeal, and Supreme Court Case the author went through, that gave our breed freedom of expression.  Revised Edition chapters include the Pit Bull Pet, the Conformation Show Dog, the Catch dog, the Schutzhund Dog, the Weight-pulling Dog, the match dog, and learn scientific performance nutrition, scientific conditioning, scientific breeding and more. There is information in the Epilogue chapters as well as in the original DVS that you will learn about Bulldogs you will find nowhere else.

Dogs of Velvet and Steel, Revised Edition $49 plus shipping.

                U.S. Shipping . . . . . . . . . . . $  9.95 +  49.00

                Canada Shipping. . . . . . . . .  $25.00 + 49.00

                Overseas Shipping. . . . . . .   $36.00   + 49.00


Need To Mail Your Order?
Send a money order to Dogs of Velvet and Steel Productions,
P. O. Box 62, Pittsville VA. 24139.

You can also order electronically by Pay Pal at: orders@pitbullvictory.com.

Purchase Book In The U.S.

$49.00 + $9.95 (S&H)
Purchase Book In Canada

$49.00 + $25.00 (S&H)
Purchase Book Over Seas

$49.00 + $36.00 (S&H)

Dogs Of Velvet & Steel The Epilogue

For those who already have the original DVS book, the Epilogue is available as an extended read.

Dogs of Velvet and Steel, the Epilogue $29 plus shipping.

U.S. Priority . . . $9.95 + $29.00

Canada . . . . . $25.00 + $29.00

Overseas . . . . $36.00 + $29.00

Purchase The Epilogue In The U.S.

$29.00 + $9.95 (S&H)
Purchase The Epilogue In Canada

$29.00 + $25.00 (S&H)
Purchase The Epilogue Over Seas

$29.00 + $36.00 (S&H)

Breaking Sticks Available!
**With book orders only

The sticks are stamped "Dogs of Velvet and Steel". This offer is unique because the sticks come with a 12 page booklet that includes instructions to preserve and maximize the life and utility of your stick.

Please order your book first then CLICK HERE to order your Breaking Stick

The seeds of our destiny are sown in the past
~ Ancient Proverb


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